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Green Living - Save Money, Fight Global Warming

Green Living - Save Money, Fight Climate Change

Platform:   Windows XP, Vista

List Price: $139.90
Price: 69.95
You Save: $69.95 (100%)

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Product Features:

  • Daily conservation tools and strategies that helps you save money and fight climate change.

  • Earn points towards your conservation certification while you save money and conserve energy.

  • Once you earn your green certificate, use it to request discounts from energy, water, gas and other companies in your area.

  • Provides targeted home, work, auto, recycling and shopping conservation strategies.

  • Includes an energy audit that audits your current lifestyle.

  • Daily conservation checklists to monitor your energy conservation activities.

  • Brainstorming tool that let you brainstorm new green  ideas.

  • A personal green blog that lets you track your energy conservation progress.

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