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What Determines Business Profitability?

For a company to become profitable, income must exceed expenses. Expenses can be defined as the cost of resources used in the activities of a business. Profits for the company are determined by analyzing what is left over after expenses are subtracted from total revenue.

Business Profitability Expert Software
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What is Business Profitability Expert Software?

Business Profitability Expert is a voice-directed small business success software that focuses on helping small businesses increase revenue, reduce expenses and improve customer service using business coaching and customized small business tools and strategies

As part of this program, you will also get access to an experienced MBA to work directly with you and your company to help make it great!

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How Online Business Coaching Sessions Work

To start a business coaching session, just complete our simple online business coaching form to ask business questions and/or to discuss business areas of interest. Our business coaches will provide you with their expert opinions and suggestions based on your business needs. Each time you complete the business coaching form, your bank of business coaching sessions is reduced by one.

For example, maybe you are not sure how to price your new product, you could ask your business coach about your pricing. You can ask any business question and our goal is to provide our business expertise to you on a regular basis and become your trusted business partner over time.

Software Features:

Business Plan Writing Software Benefits Checklist Unlimited Business Coaching Sessions Every Month - Get an experienced MBA to work directly with you and your company.  You can pick the brain of your business coach on just about anything you need to know to make your business successful. 
Business Restructuring Program Benefits Checklist Includes Business Decision Engine - Analyze all of of your business decisions before you make them. The better decisions you make, the higher likelihood that your business will be successful.
Business Restructuring Program Benefits Checklist Systematic process that drives you to improve your business performance on a daily basis using a step-by-step business success program. The program includes business mindset conditioning, strategic planning, competitive analysis, business benchmarking, sales performance, idea brainstorming, results tracking and continuous business performance improvements.
Business Restructuring Program Benefits Checklist A built-in business strategy development system that automatically generates customized small business revenue growth, cost cutting, customer service & advertising strategies to grow your business. These small business strategies are included  over 100 business categories.   Here is a list of small business categories supported by Business Profitability Expert.
Business Restructuring Program Benefits Checklist Simple voice-driven user instructions provided at every step in the process.
sobesoft-small-business-success-software.jpg (569974 bytes) Provides positive motivational quotes designed to develop your positive business mindset and the ability for you to create and listen to your own positive business confirmations every day.
Business Profitability Program Benefits Checklist When you have completed your daily business profitability program, you will be awarded a "Business Profitability Certificate".  Print out your "Business Profitability Certificate" and display it proudly in your business. Also add our Sobesoft small business certification logo to your site and marketing material to add more marketing power and credibility to your business.


Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7,8, 10


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